Alex Fender

I love how often customers send me messages like this

Last night a customer sent me a quick thank you and invite to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. We help them generate leads through Google AdWords and he just got a big opportunity for his B2B insurance agency.

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

Can you give me your opinion on marketing financial services using your digital marketing strategies? I am transitioning soon from UBS to Wells Fargo’s business owners channel and would like to decide what i am going to do in this department (if anything). I looked into it when i first started in the business and […]

Recruiters – this is how you get my attention

I get recruiting offers all the time, everyday and have so for a few years. Rarely do I pay attention to them because most recruiters and recruiting firms suck. The majority of recruiters do not do their homework and they shotgun their jobs to everyone within earshot or social blast. Here is a recent email […]

Manhattan Magnet Media Films and Pizza

Yesterday I took one of the coolest trips up to New York to get some awesome pizza and meet with the team at Magnet Media Films. We had a video marketing strategy session and Magnet Media really know what they are doing with video marketing and optimization. I started out my day on a red […]

Google Adwords PPC Expert

Marketing Expert Talks About The Importance Of Phone Tracking  Top 10 reasons why you need phone tracking Attribute sales to the correct marketing source. Reallocate marketing budgets to the top performing channels. Dynamic call tracking can tell you which word your customer typed into Google before they picked up the phone and called your business. […]

The Best Marketing Agencies

Finding the Best Marketing Agency In my opinion one company that does all solution is a jack of all and a master of none. That describes 99% of marketing agencies. It takes 7 specialties to execute digital marketing well and I have never seen 1 company that has great results across the board for all […]

Mentoring Advice for those seeking a job in the I.T. field

Advice for Veterans Seeking To Land a Job in Google World Recently, I was contacted by a Veteran who had recently earned her MBA in Information Technology and was seeking help and advice. This is her original message: “Good Morning Alex! Primarily at this stage I am looking for mentors in the industry. I have […]

PPC Management Questions

10 PPC Management Questions To Ask When Interviewing PPC Companies To determine if you are working with Pro’s Vs Amateurs, there are 3 primary areas of focus you should review when hiring: management process, transparency and control. 1) How do you define success? Impressions, Clicks and Traffic do no mean success. Only if the phone […]

Adwords Consultant | Optimizing the Cost Per Phone Call Acquistion

Alex Fender discusses how to optimize your adwords PPC marketing campaign  to increase the conversion rate and optimize the cost per phone call. What is the lifetime value of each of your customers? What is the cost to acquire a new customer? Is your Adwords PPC campaign generating a profit?