Alex Fender


You will find Alex most often playing, running, and training his dogs – Abby and Cowboy.

If he is not with his dogs, he is probably turning a wrench on one of his classic Mustangs. His favorite is the 1969 Fastback with a big block 429 custom built engine. This was his dream car.

His first car was a 1969 Mustang coupe and he credits the trials and tribulations of his first car to his later success with online businesses. When you get the chance, ask Alex about the time his Marine Corps Sergeants thought he was selling drugs out of the barracks….

Alex also loves to go shooting and recently joined the Dallas shooting team for the Wounded Warrior project. Sporting clay, skeet, and trap shooting is where he goes to relax, unwind and try to beat his last best score. Alex aspires to become an Olympic skeet shooter.

Another favorite pastime is spent in the countryside with friends and family. Alex is an avid outdoorsman and will spend at least 30 days a year in the field hunting and fishing.