Alex Fender

My day at Google

This morning I started off my day in beautiful San Jose California. A nice change from the 100 degree + dog days of the Texas Summer. Google Engage All-Stars Summit 2013      

Whats Good For Google Complicates Business For All

Google Updates In Adwords© and Analytics 2013 Damn Google would you slow down for a minute with some of these updates! Dont be evil.  Its the Google Mantra and some times I just don’t know.  I just got off a call with Google Adwords support team discussing the new “Enhanced” campaigns that will be forced into […]

Information brings the elimination of mediocrity

A “Bad Economy” & the Elimination of Mediocrity Over the last 300 years, technology has continued to advance at a pace that has been alarming, overwhelming and to many, scary.  The automobile killed the buggy business and machines that once required human power are now operated by the machines themselves. Yes the economy sucks but […]

Texas Veterans Business Summit: Where Opportunity Meets Action!

The Texas Veterans Business Summit is a full-day workshop designed to provide veterans who wish to start or grow a business expert advice, networking opportunities, and access to resources. Information will be provided by local, state, and national small business experts. Prominent figures from the entrepreneurial and investor community—“veterans” of the business world—will participate in […]

How many website visitors does it take to generate a lead?

It only takes 1 visitor to generate 1 lead. To date, I have not found a direct correlation between high search rankings and higher conversion rate for lead generation.  There is a correlation between rankings and volume of traffic, but poor quality or non relevant traffic absolutely generates ZERO Leads. I know that I am going to […]

Welcome to our coming out party

Welcome to the latest Funnel Science creation, a blog designed around the personality and attitude of the head Funnel Scientist. In digital marketing, there are millions of ways to waste your companies advertising budget and resources. I am a big believer in “If it’s not measurable, it’s not worth doing.”  But measuring online objectives is typically […]