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Marketing Expert Talks About The Importance Of Phone Tracking

 Top 10 reasons why you need phone tracking

  1. Attribute sales to the correct marketing source.
  2. Reallocate marketing budgets to the top performing channels.
  3. Dynamic call tracking can tell you which word your customer typed into Google before they picked up the phone and called your business.
  4. With phone tracking you can record sales calls to better understand what points of sales training are needed.
  5.  Call tracking we can import into your CRM so your sales team has the right data to close the sale faster.
  6. Optimizing your campaigns based on recorded phone calls from call tracking has shown to improve performance considerably because of the knowledge gained from customer interaction.
  7. Phone tracking is relatively inexpensive for outcome of the products implementation as opposed to other marketing channels.
  8. Accountability of your employees and understanding their weak points.
  9. Quality control over sales and marketing.
  10. To close the loop on your marketing channels .

Top 10 Reasons Why Advertisers Don’t Implement Phone Tracking

  1. Because they do not track their sales KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) they do not track the action that leads to a sale.
  2. Do not want to have multiple phone numbers because they feel as it might be too much to handle or too confusing.
  3. Do not want to pay for it.
  4. They do not understand the importance of call tracking.
  5. They think it will not work for their business.
  6. Advertisers think they do not accrue enough incoming calls so they believe it will not help.
  7. They do not want to micro managed or feel like Big Brother is in their business.
  8. They do not understand metrics such as Call Duration and Close Rate Ratio.
  9. Online advertisers are unaware of what type of quality leads that come from phone calls.
  10. Most advertisers do not understand their own buying cycle.


Bellow Are Some Bad Example Phone Calls

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