Alex Fender

Google Adwords PPC Expert

Marketing Expert Talks About The Importance Of Phone Tracking  Top 10 reasons why you need phone tracking Attribute sales to the correct marketing source. Reallocate marketing budgets to the top performing channels. Dynamic call tracking can tell you which word your customer typed into Google before they picked up the phone and called your business. […]

Whats Good For Google Complicates Business For All

Google Updates In Adwords© and Analytics 2013 Damn Google would you slow down for a minute with some of these updates! Dont be evil.  Its the Google Mantra and some times I just don’t know.  I just got off a call with Google Adwords support team discussing the new “Enhanced” campaigns that will be forced into […]

Welcome to our coming out party

Welcome to the latest Funnel Science creation, a blog designed around the personality and attitude of the head Funnel Scientist. In digital marketing, there are millions of ways to waste your companies advertising budget and resources. I am a big believer in “If it’s not measurable, it’s not worth doing.”  But measuring online objectives is typically […]