Alex Fender

The Best Marketing Agencies

Finding the Best Marketing Agency In my opinion one company that does all solution is a jack of all and a master of none. That describes 99% of marketing agencies. It takes 7 specialties to execute digital marketing well and I have never seen 1 company that has great results across the board for all […]

Whats Good For Google Complicates Business For All

Google Updates In Adwords© and Analytics 2013 Damn Google would you slow down for a minute with some of these updates! Dont be evil.  Its the Google Mantra and some times I just don’t know.  I just got off a call with Google Adwords support team discussing the new “Enhanced” campaigns that will be forced into […]

Welcome to our coming out party

Welcome to the latest Funnel Science creation, a blog designed around the personality and attitude of the head Funnel Scientist. In digital marketing, there are millions of ways to waste your companies advertising budget and resources. I am a big believer in “If it’s not measurable, it’s not worth doing.”  But measuring online objectives is typically […]