Alex Fender

Alex Fender

Google Expert

“I’ll not only discover what you’re doing wrong, I’ll fix it then help you grow your business.”

Alex Fender

Whether you’re looking for business consulting, SEO guidance, PPC optimizations, or veteran mentorship, Alex Fender of Fender Consulting is your primary source of valuable information. Having started and sold several successful businesses, endured the trying times of a US Marine, rescued and corrected rescue dogs, and mentored fellow veterans suffering from PTSD, Alex puts his blood, sweat, and sometimes, tears, into all that he does.

Uncover unknown truths about your business, your team, and your operations and start to truly thrive under the guidance of Fender Consulting.

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Born in Plano, TX and growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, Alex has been an entrepreneur since he was a little boy. His first taste of entrepreneurship started at the age of just 10 when he began knocking on doors to sell his lawn care services. Then, in the 5th grade he bought baseball cards in bulk and flipped them to his classmates at recess. It was only the beginning. After serving 8 years in the U.S. Marines, Alex graduated Cum Laude from Columbia College with a B.S. in Management then … Read More

Google Expert

Alex Fender is an Adwords Rain Maker, certified in Google Analytics & Adwords® PPC & SEO Expert. He has worked with countless local, national and international organizations, helping them reform their marketing approach and implement marketing and sales funnels. Alex has helped contribute to the acquisition of six companies and consulted with over 1,000 clients globally. After graduating Berkner High School on a Friday, he went to boot camp the following Monday and served 8 years … Read More


Alex has spoken at hundreds of business events, conferences, and workshops across the country. He is has been a featured speaker as well as a panelist and has taught workshops at marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and Military Veteran conferences. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE Entrepreneurship SBA Military and Business Growth Strategies PPC/SEO, Digital Marketing Predictive Analytics Sales and Marketing … Read More


Alex shipped off to the U.S. Marine Corps in 2000. He graduated high school on Friday afternoon and was in boot camp the following Monday morning. He earned 5 campaign medals and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He served at several camps including Camp Pendleton CA, MCAS Miramar in San Diego, California Naval Air Station – Joint Reserve Base, Ft. Worth, TX Camp Lejeune, NC Eglin Air Force Base, Florida While he never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, his overseas deployment came … Read More


You will find Alex most often playing, running, and training his dogs – Abby and Cowboy. If he is not with his dogs, he is probably turning a wrench on one of his classic Mustangs. His favorite is the 1969 Fastback with a big block 429 custom built engine. The was his dream car. His first car was a 1969 Mustang coupe and he credits the trials and tribulations of his first car to his later success with online businesses. When you get the chance, ask Alex about the time his Marine Corps … Read More